Tiki Tiki Mo'gave

Tiki Tiki Mo’gave is made as a substitute for Agave syrup, it has a similar taste profile, with a tip of the tongue sweetness and the slightly smokey taste characteristic of Agave syrup.


Perfect in margaritas and other cocktails or drinks where a more flavourful sweetener is needed.


When blended or shaken Tiki Tiki Mo’gave

shakes a creamy foam and gives a rich consistency.


A natural along side tequila and mezcal but also great in bakery or other creations.

When to Tiki Tiki Mo'gave?


A must in a margarita for its rich smokey flavour.




Gives a rich and slightly burnt flavour along side a rich consistency to any cocktail.




Add a dash to desserts for a flavor boost.



Ice Cream.

Use as sweetners in ice-cream for a an interesting and new twist to the standard ice-cream.




Perfect for ice-coffees as it stirs out easily in cold coffees.

Mo’gave Margarita

How to Tiki Tiki?

A Mexican classic, served in a margarita or lowball glass.


60 ml Tequila

45 ml Fresh Lime Juice

15 ml Tiki Tiki Mo'gave

15 ml Sinensis Sec


Garnish: Salt and Lime Wedge


Salt half the rim of the glass. Add all ingredients into an ice filled shaker, and hard shake. Strain into a crushed ice filled margarita glass and serve.

The classic from San Francisco's Tommy's Bar.


60 ml Tequila

30 ml Fresh Lime Juice

15 ml Tiki Tiki Mo'gave


Garnish: Salt and Lime Wedge


Prepare a rocks glass with a salt rim. Add all ingredients into an ice filled shaker, and hard shake. Strain into a an ice filled rock glass, garnish and serve.

Agave Old Fashioned

Tommy's Margarita

A twist on the classic an old fashioned here with a dash of Mo'gave


1 Orange Rind Slice

15 ml Tiki Tiki Mo'gave

60 ml Bourbon

2 Dashes Bitters

2 Dashes Orange Bitters


Garnish: Marachino Cherry and orange slice


Muddle orange rind with Mo’gave, add bourbon, stir lightly and remove the orange rind. Add ice and stir well. Add an orange slice and maraschino cherry.

Burned Pineapple Sour

A pineapple and mezcal twist on the classic sour.


One 2cm Pineapple Round

30ml Lime Juice

20ml Tiki Tiki Mo’gave

30ml Mezcal

30ml Silver tequila

15ml Egg White

Garnish: Dash of Chili Salt and pineapple leaf.


If possible do on grill, if not, do with burner, burn a fresh pineapple wheel until charred. Cut pineapple into 4 chunks and set aside.

Muddle the grilled pineapple then add the rest with ice; hard shake. Strain into a Collin glass over ice. Garnish and serve.

The Virgin Sacrifice

Spicy, sweet and with a dash of fruitiness, this cooling cocktail is perfect by the beach.


45ml Silver Tequila

15ml Mezcal

15ml Tiki Tiki Mo’gave

30ml SARKLASS Pineapple syrup

10ml SARKLASS passion fruit syrup

30ml Lime Juice

3 dash Tabasco

1 Cup Crushed Ice


Garnish: cherry, pineapple spear, pineapple leaf, edible flower


Blend all the ingredients for no more than 5 seconds, then pour into a cup and garnish.

Thai Margarita

A Thai take on the classic. Perfect cooling cocktail along side some spicy Thai food.


2 Cucumber Slices

3 -5 Thai Basil Leaves

45ml Silver Tequila

30ml Tiki Tiki Mo'gave

30ml Lime Juice


Muddle cucumber and herbs and Tiki Tiki Mo'gave. Add remaining ingredients. Shake and Strain.