Tiki Tiki Coco

Tiki Tiki Coco is a creamy, rich and thick coconut cream especially created for cocktails and other drink where a thick and rich consistency is needed.


From the most simple to intricate cocktail recipe Tiki Tiki Coco goes perfect in any drink.


When blended or shaken Tiki Tiki Coco has a creamy foam and thick consistency.


Great in tiki type cocktails and a must in Pina Coladas.

When to Tiki Tiki Coco?


Gives a rich coconut flavuor and thick consistency to any cocktail.


Add a dash to any coconut dessert for a flavor boost.

Ice Cream.

Add a dash of Tiki Tiki Coco in the ice cream before whisking it, the fats helps with creating small air bubbles that makes the

ice-cream easier to scoop.


Iced or hot, Tiki Tiki Coco gives coffees the classic coconut sweetness.

How to Tiki Tiki?

Piña Colada

Puerto Ricos National Drink


45ml Rum

40ml Tiki Tiki Coco

60ml Fresh Pineapple Juice

Crushed ice


Garnish: Pineapple slice, Orchid, Cherry


Add medium sized crushed ice, rum, pineapple juice and Tiki Tiki Coco in shaker. Hard shake and pour over crushed ice into hurricane glass. Garnish and serve.

Koh Samui

Tasty cooling cocktail from Thailands Koh Samui.


45ml Rum

30ml Tiki Tiki Coco

20ml Dry Vermouth

30ml Pineapple Juice

10ml Lime Juice

3 Kaffir Leaves

1 Piece Lemon Grass


Garnish: Kaffir Leaf


Muddle the kaffir leaves, lemon grass and rum. Add ice and all other ingredients to shaker, hard shake with ice strain into ice filled hurricane glass and garnish.

Tasty mango cocktail from what is called China's Hawaii.


45ml Rum

60ml Tiki Tiki Coco

60ml Mango Puree

Crushed ice


Garnish:  Mango slice or flower.


Add rum, Tiki Tiki Coco with crushed ice in blender, blend for 30 seconds.

Add mango puree in highball glass, pour blended mix on top. Garnish and serve.

Hainan Breeze

From the capital of Mojitos comes this Havana with a twist.


45ml Rum

60ml Tiki Tiki Coco

4 Lime Wedges

15ml Lime Juice



Garnish: Mint and Dark Rum


Muddle mint and the lime wedges in a highball glass, top with crushed ice. Add rum and Tiki Tiki Coco in ice filled shaker, hard shake and strain into highball glass. Top with the dark rum and mint leaves.


Tiki Time

A very global cocktail, Tiki Time is one of our favorites.


40ml Rum

30ml Tiki Tiki Coco

20ml Lemongrass Infused Gin *

15ml Lime Juice

15ml Angostura

15ml Soda Water


In small glass mix bitters and soda water. Set aside. Add rum, Tiki Tiki Coco, Lemongrass infused gin and lime juice in ice filled shaker. Hard shake and pour into Collin glass filled with crushed ice. Top with the

bitter mix, garnish and serve.


*Add 3 lemon grass sticks in gin bottle. Heat bottle gently in water until about 70c. Set aside for 2-3 days.


Brazil is known for caipirinhas but its Batidas that the Brazilians drink.


60ml Cachaça

45ml Tiki Tiki Coco

30ml SARKLASS Passion fruit

½ Passion Fruit

30ml Lime Juice

Crushed ice


Garnish: Angostura


Shake all with ice, pour over ice into highball glass, garnish and serve.

Blue Hawaii

Come on ! Every drink list must have at least one blue drink. This is a classic.


30ml Light Rum

45ml Sinensis Blue

45ml Tiki Tiki Coco

60ml Pineapple Juice

15ml Lime Juice

1 cup crushed ice


Garnish:1 pineapple slice 1 maraschino cherry


Combine all with one cup crushed ice in blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into chilled hurricane glass. Garnish and enjoy.

Last Man Standing

3 Kaffir Lime Leaves

60 ml Gin

60 ml Tiki Tiki Coco

45ml Pineapple Juice

30 ml Fresh Lime Juice


Muddle kaffir lime leaves and gin. Add remaining ingredients with crushed ice. Hard shake and strain in 60ml shot glasses. Garnish with a small chili in the shot glass.


Bite all or part of chili

Chew chili one time

Shoot the shot

Hung Over Tiki...

Coco Choco Milkshake

45ml Espresso

30ml Tiki Tiki Coco

3 Spoons Chocolate Ice Cream

Cacao Powder

Crushed Ice


Blend all in blender with ice. Pour into highball glass, top with cacao powder and serve.

Strawberry Shake

1/2 Banana       

60ml Tiki Tiki Coco  

60ml Strawberry Puree

Crushed Ice

Garnish: Fresh Fruit

Add crushed ice, banana and The Grove Coco in blender, blend well. In highball glass add the strawberry puree. Pour the blended mix on top, garnish and serve.

Coffee Grove

60 ml The Grove Coco

30ml Cooled Espresso

Crushed Ice


Garnish: Chocolate Chips


Mix all ingredients in a blender for 30 seconds. Garnish and serve.